WIP WEDNESDAY a lot going on!

IMG_1236 by you.
I've been busy this week! Quilting, sewing, designing, the works!
I'm busy quilting stuff destined for Etsy.
IMG_1235 by you.
I loove this backing and can't wait to see how it looks washed.. Then I will really know how much I like it. fingers crossed. I am loving the quilting on this project. It's headed for Etsy. I'm working on a big charity quilt and then Mothers day Quilt needs quilting(it isn't finished yet) and then more Etsy.

Working on an Ikea hack for my Mother. she has a wide window that is not long, so I bought Ikea curtains, removed the tab tops and we are going to hang them sideways.
Speaking of Mom, I'm working on a Mother's day Quilt. ZigZag RailFence. In batiks, Mom is gonna love it.
IMG_1231 by you.

IMG_1230 by you.
In closing, here is a little detail of somethng I am working on.
This one may not go into Etsy, or may go in cheap, I'm not crazy about the pink.
I like the center fussy cut and the blue cherries. we'll see.
IMG_1232 by you.
Quilters Rock!

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Anonymous said...

My goodnes you have been busy! I love those cherries!