Give Away Instructions!

seriously folks - leave an email or have an email in your blogger profile.
All entries with no available email will never win.
I'm such a crabby pants.


GloJoeSews said...

Thanks for the reminder. It made me check my profile and discover I hadn't enabled my email! the things we do for fabric--sheesh! ;D Thanks, again!

anareis said...

I am doing a campaign for donations to my project of minibiblioteca Community and other activities for children and adolescents in my community lacking here in Rio. Need the help of all people of good heart, Why I am poor and have no financial conditions to build the project itself and the government does nothing in my community or asphalt we, our children does not have a playground for brincar.Pode donate 5.00 to 20.00, the donations can be sent in a letter (correspondence) and the Banco do Brasil Agency 3082-1 to 9799-3.Email: Visit my blogs: worship your trip. DKO God enlighten everyone.

Terri said...

OMG I just almost died laughing. That comment about the group was funny. I have come to enter, and I am from the group but I dont have any reffereals :(

Can I still enter LOL

GReat giveaway thanks for the chance