Before and After

IMG_1839 by you.
While I have been sick my husband has recovered my design wall with plain white. I got diaper flannel at 27" wide which fit perfect over my 2 foot wide panels. I think it makes a huge difference visually. I don't know how folks work without a design wall. If you don't have room for a permanent one, try a temporary one:
sew dowel pockets on both edges of flannel.
Stick dowels thru
tie string to the 2 ends of top dowel and hang.
roll up to store when not in use.
IMG_1847 by you.
being able to stand back and see your work will change your life! I swear!
Quilters Rock!


fabricartist21 said...

I have too much stuff in MY ROOM and my design is not in a convenient place and I may retry to use your idea. Great thanks

Amy said...

Wow, that is so much better! I am currently doing a queen-sized quilt and my design wall is only half that size. Not sure what I shall do, since I don't want to spend any money, of course! ;)

Victoria said...

Oh, I like what you have going on here!

wishes, true and kind said...

One day I'll have a sewing room with a proper design wall again, but until then, I am making do with a flannel sheet. It really does make a difference. I like to leave blocks up for a few days and look at and think about them over time.

I just found out about your blog from Willy Nilly. I told her that we were "neighbors" since she is just north in Seattle, and she told me that she "knew" of someone else from Hillsboro. I live in the Jackson School Neighborhood.

Cheryl Arkison said...

One day....