Poor Guy!

Looking for the give away? scroll down!
Kidney stones! Poor him by you.
My husband has Kidney stones and today I took him to the hospital twice for the pain.
He is a sad camper.
We went to the 24 hour pharmacy and he had to make an appearance to pick up his schedule 2 narcotic. During the "lecture" portion of the visit he started puking into a trash can. We were the only ones in the store so it wasn't that bad but we were pretty embarrassed.
Early this morning Sew daisy and I got together to work on our August Store idea. Then I went to work at the jail, DH called to say "Pain" so Its been a busy, long day.


Suze said...

I am so sorry - when I get a kidney stone, I get so sick at my stomach that it is not funny. That's pretty much the dead giveaway that I have a stone. Speaking of giveaway -lol

Best wishes to your husband on his stone. I've never passed one. They have always had to go up with a "basket" and get it. The last one was the size of the head of a ballpoint pen. The urologist didn't take the x-ray until he was into the procedure. He was puzzled - there was evidence of the stone entering but not exiting and there was no stone. I don't know if you belive in the power of prayer, but we do. We had a miracle. When my husband told the story at Sunday school, it was a dead silence. After class, an MD came up to us and told us how awesome the miracle was and it wished more people in our class believed and expected in them.

I had been so ill, all I knew to do was lie on the couch, raise my hands over my head, and pray with all that was within me.

I got so sick, I had to have two liters of fluids and I was so dehydrated they could not get a vein. I still had a port from chemo and I had to go to a clinic and have them use that for the fluids - a 4 hour wait to get that done. I thought the stone was gone before surgery because I had quite puking but I also had gotten some meds with the fluids.

Again, good luck and I have prayed for your husband

Cheryl Arkison said...

ooh, poor him.
my sister-in-law passed one last year. she's given birth to three kids and said the stone was nearly as bad, but almost more intense.
hang in there.

Anonymous said...

My old boyfriend had them and accupuncture somehow got rid of them...or he passed them.