Thanks John!

photo.jpg by you.

I got my placemat swap from John. He is an experienced swapper and had the good sense to send some peanuts and a cookie. I opened the peanuts on the way back to the house. I love nuts from the south - they really are better.
I love my placemat! I love the colors. I think the geometric prints from Dena this season are the best of the year so far.
The place mat has really got me thinking. Straight line quilting is really cool. Lots of folks are doing it over at and I was thinking I want something bigger straight line quilted. I may have to try it on the Handi quilter or do a trade. I think I like the order of it.
John, thanks for the inspiring placemat. we use placemats quite a bit ...or rather mini quilts.
I bind stuff I am playing at or cut out something I liked from a larger experiment.
We have an island in our kitchen and no dining table. Since it's just DH and I we eat in the kitchen often. The top of the island is glass, so it is cold, and we use the quilts to keep our fore arms warm and toastly. I am forever dripping things on mine or using it as a plate, so maybe I will just save it for "special" otherwise it will get stained. When we get a table we can put it in the middle.
Quilters Rock!


Amy said...

It's so pretty!

Laura said...

It's beautiful! I'm sure it will look great in your kitchen.

Victoria Findlay Wolfe said...

fun swap! lucky you!!!