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I finally finished my class samples. I am joining my local quilt shops "Beginner Thursday" line-up. Thursday Night is dedicated to the beginner. I will be teaching "New Sew Workshop" (ages 14 and up) over summer. Emphasizing fresh new patterns and teaching traditional skills, I hope I fit in and complement the "beginner sampler" class which is more traditional. Later classes will be "Modern Quilt Workshop" and "Free Piecing" but we right now its just 3
- 2rail, machine appliqué, and bento box (skill: seam matching).

I got both my samples done. Loading a single back to my machine and quilting them both was a big time saver. I love the green backing, I think its so cute. Here's the other sample. The first class is 2 rail fence, so they can learn basic 1/4 inch, pressing, squaring up, rotary skills and pattern drafting.


here is the two samples and a baby quilt that is ready to be listed on my ETSY.

Next I will be working on a quilt job, but since its a holiday weekend, I feel like I should having fun- not that quilting for money isn't fun, put doing anything for money means its "work" right? I want to "not work" this weekend and play with some new fabric I got at "Sample Spree"

My dog decided to go into the garage and eat cat food last week... actually we don't know how long she has been doing this ;) lil rascal. I figured it out this week, we think its been going on since last week because suddenly the cats seemed "Very Hungry". We moved the food and the kitty box is being hyper attended to - our dog, Stella, thinks its a box that dispenses yummy "Kitty Roca" candy. She totally knows she is busted! We moved all the edibles, disciplined her twice and now we just ignore her when she gets caught in there. We don't answer her door barks, she needs to get out the way she got in. She only did it once yesterday, right before dinner, so this may work. HaZa!


jacquie said...

Love these quilts. Beautiful quilting! What is the fabric in the second one? I would like bunches!!!

Cami said...

Love these quilts! The patterns are just amazing! Love the bento box pattern. I made one from this pattern for my husband but only used two colors. I love it!