New Tools

Well, I'm trying my new iPad2 and trying to get blogpress to work. Linked my Flickr? Check.

Here's a pic from my Xmas project for guild that I'm using as wallpaper on my iPad.
*edit* Caroline shared a great app in comments and I thought "wow! Thanks"
Please please if you have an iPad share with me your favorite apps- I'm dying to know!

I'm finally back sewing a bit, so stay tuned!
Quilters Rock!

- Posted using BlogPress from my iPad ( the only time you'll see this as a tag on my blog - for celebration purposes only)


Caroline said...

I use flipboard to browse through my favourite blogs on my iPad. It's a great app, as you can access Facebook, Twitter and a few others in there too. The best part is .... It's FREE! Have fun exploring your new iPad ... Had mine almost 2 weeks now and don't know how I lived without it LOL .... It's given me such an interest in blog reading again, which in turn has giventhe inspiration to sew this week.

Gail Lizette said...

Yeah... You totally rock!
Have fun with the new iPad!

Anonymous said...

NetFlicks, Kindle, Sudoku, WebMD, Google Reader, Pandora…. Love your pebbles!

Caroline said...

You're very welcome ... so glad you like the app.

I have a few games, that I've downloaded, but Sudoku is my absolute favourite. My daughter loves playing the fruit ninja game which I paid for the full version.

I also use 'mypad' for Facebook. But it's nothing exciting if you're not a facebook addict like me LOL.

I have local weather and news on there that I check when i remember.

Toyin O. said...

The quilts look really nice:)