Here's the latest finish: I call it Syd's 3rd Birthday.
We took the quilt to a school to take pictures and the fire truck was there. So we thought "who doesn't love a fire truck?" My quilt holder felt really naughty standing so close to the truck.  Anyway, we had fun. but I guess you had to be there. :D 
 I had already made the top and was struggling to finish it. One the one hand, it was too dang cute and I loved it. One the other hand, it was a purposeless top and it had no home. I asked my girlfriend if she thought her sweet daughter (evil hellcat in a princess dress) would like the quilt. Would she tea party on it? Play on it? Look at picture books and nap on it? My girl friend Jill responded with a resounding "YES!".  Oh good, I'll finish it with her mind.
I don't have kids of my own and love doting on, making friends with, the kids of my friends. I wait patiently for the grandkids I fear my adult step kids will never give me, but that doesn't stop me buying "grandkid stash". :D

 It had four balls on it... I removed one ball and made the theme of the quilt the obvious "3".  I added borders and a little yellow to balance and play up the apple tree basket.  Note: the inner border fabric has flower pots with "get it??" 3 flowers per pot.  The cuteness sweetness is making my teeth hurt.

 I quilted it in a whimsical imperfect way that played up its charm and usefulness as a play mat.  Just simple straight lines in the baskets  with swirls and pebbles in the body with large feathers and wreaths in the border.

I wanted it to be cozy after laundry and never stiff. I bound it in ladybugs.
This is also the 3rd quilt I've made with the 60 degree triangle I got over at Tabslot.. a lot of these pieces of fabric were the fold end of a fabric strip I used to cut triangles for this quilt and this one too.. 
Happy Birthday Syd.

Quilter Rock!


Kimberly said...

It's lovely. I would never think to cut the tops off my triangles.
I love that you called Sydney "Evil hellcat in a princess dress". I get like you were totally channeling Jill there. ;)
It's a great tea party quilt. I am sure Syd will have a blast with it!

Jill said...

She totally loves it, like alot. It's been on her bed and we talk about the 'baskets' (as she's calling them now) before bed. Thank you so much, we both love it :)