How You Doing?

Yesterday I took my mom out shopping. If there is one thing my mom loves, its going to the shops. We went on a long drive thru hill and dale searching for fabric. After that, we hit the mall to have chicken salad and figure out why my ipad map stopped working.
I've been getting these weird warnings about "charges" ( fees) .. so I went in to check my account.. Next week I'll be going to Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show in BFE , the hottest brightest spot in oregon   near Bend and want to take all my toys, HBOgo, Ecrack,  devices. Its a big quilting deal here in Oregon and I want to be able to ...sit in the shade/in a bar with a huge cocktail and watch movies if I get too hot ... tweet, text and flickr.
On the fabric front I got a bunch of lights to replace all the ones I've used lately and strengthen my light stash as I have plans. I'll be continuing my "low volume" series later this summer( which is my quilting-est time) and  using some of the pale greys in my next quilt. That 2 yards of black for a class later this fall.
Do you see the word Kaleidoscope? and the text.. Im loving the pale greys.. 
 and this cute fabric with the little poodle color spots .. too cute.
In the mail came a vintage sheet bundle that Im happy about:
Its from Jeni over at Incolororder, I'm hoping to do a churn dash, star or something for my mom( im still trying to get something made for that room.. ... I just needed a variety of good colors. It will be a quick made color blast with pale solids... fast easy big bang for the effort.. just color..

When I'm not shopping... Im still binding, binding binding! which I'm getting well sick of, let me tell you! but I have 2 left to bind so I fit it in as I can...  I start quilting a job tomorrow and Im excited to be earning a bit. hooray for that. are you? what are you doing, sewing?? 
Quilters Rock! 


Cheryl Arkison said...

Love those greys. That's the kick I'm on lately too. What are the 2nd and 3rd from the top fabrics?

Anonymous said...

Top picture third from the bottom, gray stripe—I loved it so much I backed an entire quilt with it. I'm beginning to think gray makes the best quilts. I'll be looking for that finished project!

Jill said...

I'm so glad you're gonna be in Sisters for the show! I'll have a drink and tweet&bytch with ya!!