Curves- my best advice..

Round about quilt along Completed!
People have asked for a Curved tutorial before.. 
Curves are so easy that I felt like I didn't have much to say. 
How do I explain: use a good template, feed them thru, and they nest together so nice... 
this quilt I made with 6 inch quarters. 
In a nutshell its this:
Cut your shapes
Notch your center
The pie always goes on the plate
Dont bother with pins 
You're a creative, smart,  talented woman. they are easy. you can do this..
I've used several different templates but I like Eliza's Back Porch and Tabslot the best. Tabslot will CAD and make whatever size you want... nice!

I made this one several years ago using 8 inch blocks... oh, heres a secret... the larger the circle the gentler and easier the curve.... I made several of these when I was mastering the skill.  
The photo says it was taken in 2007 but I know I made this and several like it in the old house so my guess is that it dates back to 2005.  I've been doing curves a long time. I've tried lots of tools and tricks. My only real advise is to practice. practice practice. I think pins are a real slow down and if your pie isn't on the plate, you'll get tucks anyway.

In other news: 
I pantographed a quilt on the 820 and bernina frame over at MD. This is nothing I'll do a lot of, but it was good to get a bit of practice in, frame and rental classes start next week. 
Panto on the 820
 in even more "other news"....
Some of you wrote me lovely personal notes, thank you.  
Quilters Rock!


Paula said...

Are you still using a little glue with your curves??? When you showed me that I was sold!

2ndAvenueStudio-Rachel said...

I do sometimes if the curve is steep or small like 4 inches... but anything over 6inches gets done with no aids...
we are talking water soluble glue basting... in lieu of pins..
the thinnest tiniest bit..