how you doing?

Heres a little peek at what I've got up on my wall, Im working on freehand pieced improv curves. The picture is a little fuzzy but you get the idea... Im just playing.  Right now,  Im "just looking".


Heres the last in the current 60 degree series... I'll be starting a new series after a while. I have really been enjoying working like this...  gives me a chance to really get to know the line/character of the shape.

Its been a busy couple of weeks, I turned in an interview, taught a class, finished a quilt and started another.... 
So excited! 
But the sun is out and  friends waiting. My machine is going to spa for a couple days so I'll be taking a little break... in the mean time, get out in that sun and enjoy your Mother... or if your a mother, be enjoyed.
Quilters Rock!

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P├ętra said...

I'll be cutting into my Echo soon. I wonder what you'll be making with yours?