Today is Wednesday not Yesterday

Today is Wednesday! I know that now.. :) Thursday we get more instructions on the old Quilt along, Im working on handwork, but hmm what to do while I wait.. Work on WIP tops that I have been saving for inspiration to hit.

This modified Bento Box (which is really a simple quarter log cabin!) has been sitting around forever for a bunch of reasons:
Its square - not really bed sized or donate sized
I had no idea how to quilt it, I think I have notes about scalloping the edges... :) HA! not likely!
Its an eye sore - that white goes poke poke poke at my eyes. 
But now I look at it and I think " mom will love it!" "who can see the quilting on color? in the white I'll do circles" 
SO its on the quilter and should be in the binding que by the weekend....

Off Topic: Not quilt related... 
 For the past 15 years I've pretty much had chronic pain in my joints and ,if truth be told, the sweet bloom of youth masked a fair bit of pain when I was young and I think Ive had this since Ive been about 18. Thats about 30 years!!! 
This last week I went to the Doctor and he did some blood tests and I bet there will be more as the weeks and months go by. But he prescribed a 3 pill cocktail taken _Just Once_ and I feel about 10  years younger!
My dad probably had this and Im feeling very connected to my genes.
As I start *violins* "a journey of recovery and discovery of healing" (maybe I'll get a lifetime movie!)  I hope you'll bear with me.  Processing all this new data is kinda daunting.
Im feeling pretty tall. :D


Quilters Rock!

PS here's a Rant:.... you've been warned...
I have one more comment to make because its been just eating away at me since I heard it yesterday.  I mean honestly how did I miss this? 
In December Obama made this comment regarding the lack of marriage equality in this country:
"[M]y feelings about this are constantly evolving. I struggle with this. I have friends, I have people who work for me, who are in powerful, strong, long-lasting gay or lesbian unions. And they are extraordinary people, and this is something that means a lot to them and they care deeply about,"

This is the part of that just sent me out into outer space "And they are extraordinary people, and this is something that means a lot to them and they care deeply about," 
Ok its bad enough that  the first part sounded like a white country clubber talking about civil rights in the 60s " gosh, Ive known lots of the gays" ... but he then says  "they""them" "they" !!!
Mr President, separate isn't equal, them is us,
"We are bound by an inescapable garment of mutuality, whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly." -Dr. Martin L. King, jr.-   1962


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