Peel Quilt and more finishes...

Here's my latest Finish. I haven't really come up with a name yet. Everything I suggest to Jill doesn't pass the G rating test. The Vag.  The Couch Street Curve. ( In Portland "Couch Street" is pronounced "Kooch", not being from Portland, I think its hysterical every time I hear it.) 
I used Half Moon Modern and Essex Linen in Flax.  Do you have a name? Propeller Peel? Whatcha Got? ... any Ideas?
The shape is Orange Peel. BUT. It's completely pieced. Easy curves. I added the a hand appliqued coin. 
Jill from Tabslot made the templates for me and Im so excited. 
I quilted it plainly to make the piecing the most interesting, I only basted the binding to the back so I could take it to Guild on Thursday. I'll be carefully binding this week in the evenings. It tends to take me a few evenings of nighttime TV to attach a binding as I like a truly appliqued (at least 8 stitches per inch) binding when I handsew.  

 I little peek of the backing.

a little detail of the center

 My husband and I had some fun a couple of blocks from home. The sun was out and we got to check out the new construction zone.

Another 60 Degree triangle is finished and from my long ago BEE days I still have some the Wonky Stars that was my month. Oh, those ladies made me so many, probably not true, but it felt like they each sent me a dozen instead of ending up with a dozen... I think this is my third quilt for charity with those blocks.
I quilted it with Awesome Blossoms- When first learning to make them, every time I would complete one I would  stop the Quilter, pet the flower and whisper "oh my gosh, that is soo awesome" 

I have 3 finishes this month and none from last month, but I still feel pretty on track for the year. I have a growing pile of "quilting" to do. 

Quilters Rock!


JoyceLM said...

The quilt reminds me of juggling pins - so something with juggling in the title would work. Beautiful quilt.

Cheryl Arkison said...

Popper Peel comes to mind. Love the way it came out. And yes, I agree with you on the binding. To be honest, I'm quite surprised when I see some bindings sewn down with such big stitches.

Gail Lizette said...

The quilt kind of reminds me of those old pachinko games with the pins... so maybe pachinko propeller? Thanks for the tip on how many stitches in an inch for binding. I've always done very small stitches, but it's nice to have a guideline.

N. Maria said...

"Lattice" came to my mind. It's beautiful!

Siobhan said...

Just saw your quilt on the quilting gallery and I just wanted to say that I think its beautiful.

Paige said...

I love, love, love this! Straight to my Flickr faves.

Darlene Barnes Rosner said...

Love everything about this post! I keep coming back to visit cuz I don't know which of your 'finishes' I like most!

Have a great weekend! - Darlene