WIP Wednesday!

Well, its Wednesday. Time for a little update on doings over here at Chez 2nd Avenue.
I've been having nothing but problems with my quilter. I took it for a masage and cleaning. but now the table and all the pits in the tracks are giving me fits.. Before i quilt another quilt. I'll be practicing and reno'ing  the handiquilter. Im still looking at this on my design wall:
its coming along great and I'm feeling like its almost done... but I've been busy fighting with my Handiquilter. Slowly, I'm adding on to the ends to get even rows, sew it together and quilt it.  The plan was to make a strippy style quilt, did I make it? Does it say English Strippy to you?
Tomorrow night is Guild so I'm trying to get my binding done on this:
A quilt that I haven't had a chance to show yet.

and I do have 2 finishes to show as well, but here's the deal, its been raining cats and dogs for a week at least.  I need to take photos and then I'll show you... :)
but here's a tease:
Quilters Rock!


anotheryarn said...

I'm excited to see one of your quilts tomorrow!

Lisa Lisa said...