Almost Friday Almost Finished

2 more tops by Rachel @ 2nd Avenue Studio
2 more tops, a photo by Rachel @ 2nd Avenue Studio on Flickr.
Well, there has been quite a bit of posting this week. Lots of finishes and Blog Post making. Tomorrow I go in for dental work - I'll be getting some bone graphs and prep done for implants. 
My father was stone toothless by 40, my teeth have been a problem most of my life. I had my first bad tooth/abscess at 7 or 8. Dr. Aber sat me down and told me to take of my teeth and maybe just maybe I'd be able to keep them. Its a Genetic thing, my blond fundus, my chronic joint pain, my crap teeth... all part of parcel of a crap gene I test positive for. Dam and Blast.
 I'm skidding into 50 - with most of my teeth still in my head... winner winner chicken dinner...   .. 
But I'm going under the knife to get some more chewing surface. When you lose chewing surface, the other teeth are under lots of pressure to perform. 
I'll be down for near a week - Thank Goodness its soup weather.  I'll be eating lots of it I bet. Mixed with mashed potatoes to not be too runny.  
On to the Quilts:
I finished the 2 tops in picture above . Both kinda "boy" - seems I like to make "girl" quilts. Its true, I love flowers and "girl" motifs like sewing notions and patterns. 

 Along with the tops, I finished these 4 quilts and trimmed them. They are ready for binding. 
I hope this next week finds you well and happy.  I'll be recovering but happy. Wish me luck and sedation. Be back soon. 
Quilters Rock, 


LJ said...

take care! you make lovely quilts!

Vicki said...

I hope it all goes well. I can't believe you are nearing 50, I thought you were way younger than that. The quilts look great!

Kimberly said...

I hope everything went well at the dentist and you enjoyed your sedation. :)
I really love that 2nd "boy" quilt. I def make more girly quilts too. Even as good as it has gotten, the fabric manufacturers still make a disproportionate amount of "girl" prints.
I did not realize how big the circles were on your "drunkard's path" quilt. Seeing next to the others puts it into proportion.
I hope you are well enough this week to put those bindings on.

Anonymous said...

That circle quilt with the black and white is a dream. Love your fabric juxtapositions, always have. :)

Amanda Jean said...

That circle quilt is utterly fantastic!

I hope you are doing well and fully recovered. :)